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Here we have two sail boats photographed in approximately the same setting at approximately the same time of day and same time of year. With both of them there is a mood of stillness and peace, but it comes about in very different ways. In Wooden Boat, I purposely minimized detail in the boat and the foreground and I toned the palette quite cool. For November Morning, I warmed things up and added texture to the mist and the light rays. The peaceful mood of the second image is much more actively peaceful, if that makes sense. The background detail has mostly disappeared into the rather aggressive mist in the air.

November Morning works with the detail of ripples and mist to pull/push the eye to the boat. The boat is counterbalanced by the little bit of tree detail in the upper left which is highlighted by the sunlight. A tiny bit of reflection points a bit of the mast straight at the viewer.

Wooden Boat depends much more on reflection to be interesting. A piece of the forest and the boat, together with their reflections for a subject for that picture, whereas in November Morning, the mood is really the subject.

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April Showers

So the old saying about showers and flowers must have been the inspiration for this display on Beacon Avenue in Sidney, BC. There is a Springy mood here by default so my only requirement was to enhance that with my adjustments to the image. I think I prefer the vertical orientation of this scene that I have included below. Make a choice and send a vote.

The feedback I have had so far from friends and customers also favours "Line of Boxwoods" because the planters near the middle of the image draw the eye to the mysterious portal at the end of this alleyway. The remnant of the sign in the upper foreground is intentional as another piece of adding depth to the image.

These two images are part of a pair of projects I have taken on recently - Seen on the Street - and - Window Shopping. At this point most of the images in the projects are in galleries on the site, but as the projects continue, some will be replaced, I'm sure. Feedback is always appreciated.

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First of Several on Mood This series of posts is based on a presentation about the effects of light, texture and colour on mood in an image. My images are not necessarily the most realistic view of the world, but I am told they convey mood very effectively. Recently I was invited to present to the Sidney Shutterbugs Camera Club. I used a selection of my own images for support.

The first example pair of images -

The Finger Poppy image has had the light level intensified, the texture made much more obvious and the colour deepened to create a playful, cheery mood. This image brightens the day and warms the space. All of the work in this image was done in Adobe Lightroom Classic. Photoshop was used to create re-editable snapshots and the image was adjusted a couple of times. A bit of texture was added using Topaz Studio (original)

O P Serial 5 is one of a series of 30 or so images from a shoot one Spring morning last year. The day was equally sunny to the day on which Finger Poppy was captured, but the the mood I chose for this series is much more subdued. Again, the tools were Lightroom Classic, Photoshop and Topaz Studio. But this time I chose to reduce the intensity of the light, texture and colour. As a result, the images in the series are a bit sombre. It is quiet and peaceful. I have printed another image in the series on glass and it works very well as a calming piece.

Both of these images are based on photos of poppies. By manipulating the light, texture and colour within the images I have created much different moods between the two. Both of these images are part of my Garden Sites card series.



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Seeing the World

Welcome to the first post from this website.

For me photography, like other visual art forms, is about expressing to the world the way an artist sees the world. For me the world is light, texture and mood. Much of my work is created looking into the light. This makes for a lot of really bad images that never make it to the public, but it also makes for some interesting bits. Sometimes there is an identifiable subject and sometimes the overall look is the subject. This collection of galleries is a pretty good representation of the way my mind sees the world.

Summer is not my favourite time of year, so more images feature the worlds of Autumn and Spring with some Winter and Summer sprinkled in for seasoning. Film was once my friend, many years ago but I think I spent most of my life waiting for Digital to arrive and become good. When I went back to serious photography after a 40 year hiatus, I started with portraits of flowers and birds looking to get 10,000 frames in a couple of years. I got my first Digital camera for a trip to Australia and spent most of the trip recording the sights about 2000 times. Of those photos a few made it past the threshold of Banal (a small coastal town) and Conventional. A couple were actually good.

The included image in this post comes from a seaside path that no longer exists in this form. Technically, the path was closed due to decrepitude and supposed danger. But the lack of traffic and maintenance allowed for a much higher level of growth than along the supposedly better parts. I chose to feature it because it's one of my favourites.

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