Seeing the World

January 19, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Welcome to the first post from this website.

For me photography, like other visual art forms, is about expressing to the world the way an artist sees the world. For me the world is light, texture and mood. Much of my work is created looking into the light. This makes for a lot of really bad images that never make it to the public, but it also makes for some interesting bits. Sometimes there is an identifiable subject and sometimes the overall look is the subject. This collection of galleries is a pretty good representation of the way my mind sees the world.

Summer is not my favourite time of year, so more images feature the worlds of Autumn and Spring with some Winter and Summer sprinkled in for seasoning. Film was once my friend, many years ago but I think I spent most of my life waiting for Digital to arrive and become good. When I went back to serious photography after a 40 year hiatus, I started with portraits of flowers and birds looking to get 10,000 frames in a couple of years. I got my first Digital camera for a trip to Australia and spent most of the trip recording the sights about 2000 times. Of those photos a few made it past the threshold of Banal (a small coastal town) and Conventional. A couple were actually good.

The included image in this post comes from a seaside path that no longer exists in this form. Technically, the path was closed due to decrepitude and supposed danger. But the lack of traffic and maintenance allowed for a much higher level of growth than along the supposedly better parts. I chose to feature it because it's one of my favourites.


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