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This series of posts is based on a presentation about the effects of light, texture and colour on mood in an image. My images are not necessarily the most realistic view of the world, but I am told they convey mood very effectively. Recently I was invited to present to the Sidney Shutterbugs Camera Club. I used a selection of my own images for support.

The first example pair of images -

The Finger Poppy image has had the light level intensified, the texture made much more obvious and the colour deepened to create a playful, cheery mood. This image brightens the day and warms the space. All of the work in this image was done in Adobe Lightroom Classic. Photoshop was used to create re-editable snapshots and the image was adjusted a couple of times. A bit of texture was added using Topaz Studio (original)

O P Serial 5 is one of a series of 30 or so images from a shoot one Spring morning last year. The day was equally sunny to the day on which Finger Poppy was captured, but the the mood I chose for this series is much more subdued. Again, the tools were Lightroom Classic, Photoshop and Topaz Studio. But this time I chose to reduce the intensity of the light, texture and colour. As a result, the images in the series are a bit sombre. It is quiet and peaceful. I have printed another image in the series on glass and it works very well as a calming piece.

Both of these images are based on photos of poppies. By manipulating the light, texture and colour within the images I have created much different moods between the two. Both of these images are part of my Garden Sites card series.




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