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April 06, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Here we have two sail boats photographed in approximately the same setting at approximately the same time of day and same time of year. With both of them there is a mood of stillness and peace, but it comes about in very different ways. In Wooden Boat, I purposely minimized detail in the boat and the foreground and I toned the palette quite cool. For November Morning, I warmed things up and added texture to the mist and the light rays. The peaceful mood of the second image is much more actively peaceful, if that makes sense. The background detail has mostly disappeared into the rather aggressive mist in the air.

November Morning works with the detail of ripples and mist to pull/push the eye to the boat. The boat is counterbalanced by the little bit of tree detail in the upper left which is highlighted by the sunlight. A tiny bit of reflection points a bit of the mast straight at the viewer.

Wooden Boat depends much more on reflection to be interesting. A piece of the forest and the boat, together with their reflections for a subject for that picture, whereas in November Morning, the mood is really the subject.


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